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One can track the flight status easily. Once the ticket is booked you receive the PNR number. Now that you are aware exactly what PNR number is, but for those who are not aware. PNR is ideally an abbreviation of Passenger Name Record. PNR number assists you in seeking the flight status.

By entering the name details of the passenger in the field of Flight PNR status helps you to check your journey details and actual reservation status of the booked flight. One can know whether the ticket is definite or not confirmed. If the ticket is confirmed the abbreviation for confirmation is CNF will see beside in case of Wait listed tickets WL will appear. Wait listed means the ticket is tentative and one can or cannot board the flight. Depends on the availability your ticket may either get confirmed or cancelled. Most of the time flight ticket reservation gets confirmed.

Pl Note – Apart from providing the PNR number, one may also have to provide additional information while checking the status of flight.

1. Passenger’s First name and last name
2. Destination or the Endpoint i.e the departure and arrival details

Oman Airlines PNR Status

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