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Lufthansa Airlines was formed in 1953 as the flagship airline of Germany and subsequently emerged as one of the largest airline conglomerates in the European continent. The airline employs around 117,000 people across the globe and is one the prominent founder members of the Star Alliance, the largest global airline alliance. Lufthansa Airlines connects most of the leading destinations across the world.

Lufthansa Airlines is a full-service airline with facilities such as round-the-clock restaurant and bar, smoking lounge and changeover rooms with bath facilities. For international connecting flights with long layovers, Lufthansa passengers are also provided with food and beverages.

The company is currently leveraging efforts on upgrading its technological framework to offer flight related information and other customer services on mobile phones. Lufthansa has a fully trained staff to guide customers on end-to-end flight related services including online ticket booking, checking the PNR Status of the ticket and other services.

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