Useful Information

Why to check PNR Number: Jetlite PNR status enquiry which includes PNR number gives information regarding phone number and address. Jetlite PNR status check provides with form of payment used. Jetlite PNR status check also provides with information whether a person is relevant to travel or not.

  • How to check PNR Status: Jetlite PNR status enquiry can be done anytime during the whole day. Jetlite PNR status enquiry can be easily accessed through official airlines website of Jetlite and Jetlite PNR status will be available. 

Use of checking PNR status: Jetlite PNR status provides with name of passengers, Contact details for travel agent or airline office. Jetlite PNR status enquiry is necessary as information like fare details is required by both airlines and travel agent. Jetlite PNR status provides with all of above information. Jetlite PNR status is stored in computer reservation system. Jetlite PNR status check will tell about number of seats availability. Jetlite PNR status check is fast as compared to other flights.

Jetlite Baggage Allowance

  • Cabin baggage: Jetlite permits 1 baggage of 7 kgs and that should not be of more than 115cms.
  • Excess baggage: if anyone is carrying excess baggage then they would have to pay 1.5% of economy class fare.

Jetlite Web Check in 

  • Why opt for web check in: web check-in helps you getting your preferred seat.
  • Conditions and requirements for Web check in: web check-in can be done anytime between 48 hours to 1 hour prior to flight departure.
  • Who can and who cannot use web check in: any person who is less than of 15 years of age, or is a sick person cannot do check-in.

Jetlite airfare: Jetlite airfare varies accordingly for these persons:

  • Student
  • Senior Citizens
  • Cancer Patients
  • Blind Guests
  • Armed Force
  • How to check airfare: Jetlite airfare can be checked through visiting this links 

Another way to know about flight status is to SMS lite<space>flight number to 56388 and information would be readily available.

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