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Indian airlines PNR Status  

  • Why to check PNR status: this is necessary because sometimes the flights may get cancelled and for this purpose check PNR status is required. Indian airlines PNR status has got simplest method of doing  PNR status enquiry 

How to check Indian airlines PNR status: In order to check PNR status of airline you are boarding into just click on the option available over there on the site PNR status enquiry and result will be available in a span of few seconds. PNR status enquiry can also be checked through sms facility also. In order to check the Indian airlines PNR status you need to visit this link.

  • Use of checking PNR status: it is useful as PNR status enquiry give us exact information. PNR status enquiry is available for wide range of airlines just by a simple sms and it is also available in Indian airlines PNR status. Before boarding on flight it is always better to check PNR status in advance. just by a simple click anyone can Check PNR status

Indian Airlines Baggage Allowance

  • Cabin baggage in this only 1 bag is allowed and his baggage’s length breadth and height should not exceed 115cms.
  • Checked baggage in this if person is traveling in executive class then he is allowed maximum of 40 kgs baggage and minimum 0f 10 kgs.

Indian Airlines Web Check in 

  • Why opt for web check in: web check in would save lot of time because in case of Indian airlines, if you are doing check-in at airport you need to report 90 minutes before flight departure.
  • Conditions and requirements for Web check: in this web check-in facility is available only for flights departing from Mumbai and in this you can do check-in for 3 days in advance.
  • Indian Airlines airfare: Indian airlines offer 5 % to 10% discount on basic fares. Where to check airfare: all other information regarding Indian airlines is available on this link:

Indian Airlines Flight Schedule: Indian airlines flight schedule is easily accessible through this link:

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